Postman Pat The Movie: Do The Kids Love Simon Cowell?

Postman Pat The Movie is an animated family film directed by Mike Disa. The plot sees everyone’s favourite postman enter a singing competition to win his wife a trip to Italy.

So, I haven’t watched the show since I was about 3 years old, but the other night I was looking through Prime and I found this; the nostalgia hooked me I sat and watched the whole hour and a half.

First off, the animation is hellish. I can’t decide whether it looks to real or too cartoony, but it looks cheap whichever verdict is reached. I don’t remember the show looking like this when I watched it.

The performances are solid enough, the cast is a whose who of British actors and familiar voices. Stephen Mangan does a good job as Pat; he has the right amount of wholesomeness for the family demographic whilst also having a few good jokes for the adults watching.

This is the second kids film this year that I have watched that has a Simon Cowell type character, this one couldn’t seem to get him so Robin Atkin Downes plays the part of Simon Cowbell, but it is basically the same character. Did I miss the memo? Do kids really like Simon Cowell or something I don’t get it. It is an alarming trend, please let me know if you know.

Overall, a very passable watch, very much a one and done sort of film.



Familiar voices

A few jokes for the adults


The animation is awful

Do kids really like Simon Cowell?

It is very average


Reviewed by Luke   

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