The Omen: A Cursed Film Through And Through

The Omen is a horror film directed by Richard Donner. The plot sees US ambassador to the UK Robert Thorn (Gregory Peck), become worried that there is something wrong with his young adopted son. Little does he know.

So this is a horror classic, I remember watching this when I was little and the scene when the nanny says, “this is for you Damien”, and then hangs herself has stayed with me all these years later, it scared me then and it scared me now.

The reason why this film works so well is because it builds the horror and the scares slowly over the course of the film, things become more demonic as they go on and then reach a fever pitch at the end. Moreover the scares come from the atmosphere and the premise itself rather than from cheap jump scares, which is something that plagues modern horror films.

Scenes like Damien’s first trip to the church work so well as they are very ordinary type events but then gradually become increasingly sinister. Harvey Stephens the child actor who plays infant Anti-Christ Damien is also doing a lot to make this film good, he can play both sweet and innocent and also chilling very well all at the same time. It is one of the few cases were a child actor actually helped to make a film better.

Overall, a classic for a reason, you can see how this film has inspired a lot of what has come after it. What’s more there are several scenes that stand the test of time and are still in 2020 just as scary as they were when this film first came out, a hopeful reminder of what horror can be.



Slowly building its world and its threats

Genuinely frightening

Well executed

Several iconic scenes


Maybe a little familiar in modern times


Reviewed by Luke

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