The To Do list: Exploring Your Body

The To Do List is a romantic comedy film directed by Maggie Carey. The plot sees Brandy (Aubrey Plaza), make a to do list before she goes off to college, the twist however is that the items on the list are sexual in nature as Brandy is quite inexperienced, so she sets out to change that.

This has been in my Netflix queue for quite some time and I finally watched it, and I have to say I am glad I did. I ended up enjoying it way more than I thought I would, and it is easily one of the best films I have seen recently.

I thought the sex positive message of the film was very good and very enlightening for teenage viewers. The idea that sex is a natural thing and nothing to be ashamed off is something that is not said often enough, especially for Women. It is nice to see a new wave of media with a sex positive female focus, other example of my point would be Book Smart, Blockers and Fleabag.

I also thought the film was hilarious and it often had me laughing. I thought Clark Gregg as the overprotective, uncomfortable with sex father was the standout in this regard, his character often had me in stiches, and he paired with Connie Britton’s sex positive mum worked wonders.

Overall, a hilariously good, funny film that I highly recommend everyone watch.


Clarke Gregg

Aubrey Plaza

Bill Hader

It has a very good message

It is hilarious

The cameos




2 thoughts on “The To Do list: Exploring Your Body

  1. I also like that female-fronted sex positivity is being pushed more these days. In a related example, there have been some people shocked at the recent Cardi B release “WAP.” To that I keep responding: have you also been shocked at all the men who have released sexual songs in the past decades? Men have been congratulated and celebrated for putting out sexual content. Historically, women are shamed for it. I’m glad that more women are stepping up into the limelight and owning that and are helping to break down that barrier that’s existed. Thanks for reviewing this one. 🙂


    1. I fully agree the taboo has been one sided for far too long and it is nice to see a new era of films breaking it and showing women embracing thier bodies/ and the idea of sex and not being shamed for it.

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