Beauty And The Beast: The Definition Of Stockholm Syndrome

Beauty and the Beast is an animated family film directed by Gary Trousdale and Kirk Wise. The plot sees social outcast Belle (Paige O’ Hara), becomes the prisoner of a Prince (Robby Benson) who was turned into a beast after insulting a witch. As things appear sinister Belle realises that The Beast is not as monstrous as he first appeared, and they end up falling in love; it is a tale as old as time.

So before I get into it, I want to say yes I know the premise is troublesome, it is a textbook case of Stockholm Syndrome and the message of the film sucks hard, but hey it is a Disney animated film so what else is new.

This was not one of the Disney animated films I grew up on, I think I might have seen it once before, so when I watched it the other night it was almost like the first time and I have to say message aside it is a fairly okay family film. This is not in top tier Disney animated films at least not to me.

I thought the songs where okay, some better than other admittedly. They were catchy enough and they got in my head, but I didn’t remember them much once the film ended. I liked Belle and thought she was an interesting character it is just a shame that she is side lined once the Beast is introduced to the narrative. Her and the Beast have a form of chemistry on screen that is believable, thought I wouldn’t call it romantic.

Overall, one of the meh tier Disney animated films, maybe if I had grown up on it I would have felt differently, but as it stands it just seems quite bland with a seedy undertone the more I think about it.


The animation is beautiful

Some of the songs are good


Some of the songs are bad

The message and the premise are troublesome

Belle is a good character but doesn’t get to shine


Reviewed by Luke  

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