Missing Link: Modern Myth

Missing Link is an animated film directed by Chris Butler. The plot follows explorer Sir Lionel Frost (Hugh Jackman), as he sets out to find Big Foot (Zack Galifianakis). Once the two meet Lionel realises that Big Foot or Mr. Link as he goes by is different entirely from how he would have guessed and agrees to help him find more of his own kind in the Himalayas.

I think this is underrated when it comes to Laika Animation, a lot of people get caught up with ParaNorman, Coraline, and Kubo and yes, this might not have the same level of heart of imagination as some of them, but it still has a lot of merit all its own.

The animation is beautiful, it is very refreshing to see a stop motion animation film and that definitely helps it to standout. Moreover, when they arrive at Shangri La and meet the Yeti’s the creature design is simply exquisite.

The voice cast are all giving it their best Galifianakis is the standout for sure and makes the naïve Mr Link quite endearing. Jackman also brings a lot of emotion to his role and we see Lionel go from a rouge to a somewhat good person; though that personality change is incredibly predictable. Emma Thompson as the leader of the Yeti’s Dora is by far the scene stealer of the film.

Overall, a nice wholesome family friendly gem that might have slipped off your radar. It is not Laika Animations’ best, but it is still fun to watch.


The creature design particularly the Yeti’s

The voice cast

A nice wholesome adventure

Sets up an interesting world


It doesn’t have much charm and loses you a bit as it goes on


Reviewed by Luke    

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