The Emoji Movie

The Emoji Movie is an animated film directed by Tony Leondis. The plot follows the lives of several different emojis on a teenager’s phone as they face deletion.

So, right off the bat I just want to say I can’t stand T.J Miller he is an awful person and has done several disgusting things, look it up, so him being cast as the lead was never going to win any points with me. To be fair he is not the worse thing about this film, he is serviceable as a lead, but he is also incredibly forgettable.

The issue with this film, the critical problem, is the fact it was written and made by a group of people who clearly aren’t young themselves and have no idea how the teens of today actually are. It reads as an incredibly out of touch move, a hello fellow kids sort of thing. The dialogue in the film itself can’t help but feel incredibly dated, when the characters use happening slang of the time it just makes you cringe.

The other issue with this film is that it was clearly a reactionary move to The Lego Movie. The executives can delay it all they like, but the parallels are striking. The difference between the two however, is that the Lego Movie is a good film and that Lego itself is timeless and has been around for years, whereas emojis are a very new thing and don’t have near the same level of fondness.

Overall, not as bad as you have heard, but still not worth your time.


It is watchable


It is cringe

It is a clear rip-off of The Lego Movie

T.J Miller

It has no soul or charm


Reviewed by Luke  

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