Mickey Blue Eyes: Sleazey

Mickey Blue Eyes is a romantic comedy with a crime twist directed by Kelly Makin. The plot follows auctioneer Michael (Hugh Grant), who finds out his fiancé’s family is heavily involved in the Mafia, he then becomes tangled in a web of lies and half-truths which culminates in a shooting at his wedding.

I enjoyed the premise of this film, I thought it had a lot of good potential and to a degree I was right, but there is also a lot wrong with this film, including said premise losing its charm after about twenty minutes in.

So, one thing I loved about this film was the number of cameos from Sopranos actors, I took great delight in pointing out each one as they came on the screen. In my mind I like to think the film is set in the same universe as the show, it makes it a hell of a lot better.

The big issue with this film at least to me is that it is a Hugh Grant rom com, but Grant doesn’t have any of that bumbling British charm that made him so popular. Not only does Grant not have any kind of charm, but his character is often downright dislikeable and to be honest by the end of the film you really aren’t rooting for him anymore.

I feel like that is the problem, this is more trying to put rom-com star Hugh Grant in a crime film than it is trying to put crime elements into a rom-com. The two tones don’t work and what you’re left with is a forgettable mess.

Overall, this film has no charm.


The cameos

The premise


It doesn’t make the most of the premise

Hugh Grant is charmless

The two tones don’t work well together


Reviewed by Luke

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