Midnight In Paris: That’s A Yikes

Midnight In Paris is a comedy film directed by Woody Allen. The plot sees aspiring writer Gil (Owen Wilson), a man who often remakes he was born in the wrong time period, gain the ability to go back in time to 1920’s Paris and meet some literary greats.

Before we get into this I just want to say, the fact that it was a Woody Allen movie bothered me. It creeped me out and after I knew it was one of his films I couldn’t enjoy it the same way, so in that this review might be a little skewed.

In spite of the infamous director I found myself intrigued by this film, I thought it had a novel premise and I enjoyed seeing literacy figures interacting with one another. However, I don’t think there was enough enjoyment to stretch across an hour and a half. The idea would have worked better as a short.

Owen Wilson seems to be enjoying himself and he gives a good performance for the most part, I can’t fault him, however the same can’t be said for the rest of the cast who are given very little to do. I found that the female characters were the worst served they had nothing to do aside from being love interests for various characters; some of said romances were icky on multiple levels.

Overall, if you can ignore the director and some of the themes then this is a good breezy turn your mind off kind of movie; that should be about twenty minutes shorter.



The premise


The director.

Gil and his troublesome romances

The cast is underused


Reviewed by Luke   

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