Eurovison Song Contest, The Story Of Fire Saga: Embarrassing

Eurovision Song Contest: The Story Of Fire Saga is a parody spoof comedy film directed by David Dobkin. The plot sees Icelandic duo Lars (Will Ferrell) and Sigrit (Rachel McAdams), dream of winning Eurovision despite being considered a joke by many.

I want to open this review by saying that as a kid I was a huge Will Ferrell fan, I enjoyed at lot of his 2000’s work and one or two of his post 2010 roles, but I have to say this film coupled with Downhill is a damming indictment on his career. It seems as though he has given up trying to make anything good and is now content to make trash and honestly it is becoming embarrassing for him.

He is too old to be playing the man child character now and this film shows it, his characters relationship with Sigrit feels icky and the whole film has that tone. Ferrell’s character seems old enough to be her father and when they finally kissed at the end it made my skin crawl a bit.

What’s more the Ferrell style of comedy that worked about ten years ago no longer does. Watching a middle age man fall over and shout at things isn’t funny, the what would be called comedy, I guess, is about as juvenile as you would expect, it makes Adam Sandler’s films look like beacons of refinement.

Overall this film is just bad don’t watch it. For me personally, it is sad to see an actor that I once loved sink this low. He needs to hang it up, or try a different type of role.


The songs are mildly catchy


It feels icky

Ferrell is too old for the role

The humour is mindless and childish

The heart fails to connect


Reviewed by Luke

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