Florence Foster Jenkins: Streep Can’t Sing?

Florence Foster Jenkins is a comedy drama biopic directed by Stephen Frears. The plot follows Jenkins (Meryl Streep), an aging amateur opera singer, as she dreams of success on the stage, the only issue is that she can’t actually sing.

I thought it many ways this was a surprisingly touching film, the final scene of the film between Jenkins and her husband made me feel something. I cared about the characters and I wanted her to achieve her dream and become a serious singer. The performances from Grant and Streep are also excellent as well, both of them are so clearly in love with one another and care so deeply it is very endearing. From a character point of view this film is a triumph.

However, from a pacing perspective it is not. Oh god no. This film is on for just shy of two hours, but it feels a lot longer. For long stretches of time very little happens, and it feels as though the film is being padded out, I firmly believe there is no reason a good half hour of this film couldn’t have been cut. To that point we also have a whole collection of side characters and sub plots that lead nowhere and achieve very little making you question their need for inclusion within the film.

Overall, emotional this film is something it has strong moments that make you feel, but these are few and far between and for the most part you’re left bored and wondering how much longer is left.


Streep and Grant.

The emotion.


Too long.

Too many characters.

Not enough to keep your interest.


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