Fierce Creatures: Everyone Likes A Repeated Joke

Fierce Creatures is a comedy film directed by Fred Schepisi and Robert Young. The plot sees a struggling zoo come under new management; the policy of this new leadership is only to keep the fierce creatures as they draw more people in. Together they must fight to keep the Zoo open.

Let me open this review by saying the only things that keep this film from being a bland forgettable comedy are John Cleese and Jamie Lee Curtis. If it wasn’t for them and the chemistry they have together on screen this film would be painfully average.

I think this film manages to nail the heart, but completely misses the comedy. I cared about the character I wanted to see Rollo (Cleese) and Willa (Curtis), end up together, but the film did not make me laugh once; which for a comedy film isn’t a good sign.

I understand that comedy is subjective, but I thought this film was painfully unfunny, what makes it worse is that the film likes to repeat its jokes and gags over and over again, and the only thing that makes an unfunny joke funnier is constant repetition. (I’m being sarcastic)

Overall, if Cleese and Curtis weren’t in this film I would give it a very low score, however, their on-screen chemistry is enough to make this watchable and enjoyable, both do a terrific job.




The heart.



Repeating bad jokes.


Reviewed by Luke  

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