The Rugrats Movie: Back In The 90’s

The Rugrats Movie is an animated adventure comedy film directed by Igor Kovalyov and Norton Virgein.  The movie carries on the plot of the TV show and shows the introduction of new character Baby Dill. The plot details Tommy’s (Elizabeth Daily), struggle to adapt to having a new brother and no longer getting all of his parents’ attention, this struggle ends up with the kids in the woods depending on each other to survive.

I grew up watching the Rugrats cartoons on video, and I have seen all the movies countless times before. However, as a rewatched this recently it was almost as though I was seeing it for the first time. There are quite a lot of deep emotions on show in this film a lot of thoughtful topics being broached, that as a kid I would not have picked up on but watching it now I appreciate.

I enjoyed what this film had to say about having siblings and about familial bonds, whether it reflects your life or not, I think there is at least a small amount of relatability that we can all take away from it. I was genuinely surprised about how insightful this film was at times, it gives you far more to think about that your standard kids film.

Overall, I thought this was a fun film that reminded me why I liked the cartoon, I also enjoyed the fact that it wasn’t always an easy watch and that as an adult there was a whole other subtext to it that put everything in an entirely new perspective, there is certainly a hidden depth to it.


The brother’s relationship

Capturing what I loved about the cartoon.

Funny jokes.

Surprisingly insightful.


The supporting characters really didn’t have much to do.


Reviewed by Luke

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