The Kings Of Summer: Coming Of Age

The Kings Of Summer is a coming of age comedy film directed by Jordan Vogt-Roberts. The plot sees two boys become fed-up with their homelives and their parents and seek out a life in the woods. What starts off as a modern-day Garden Of Eden, quickly descends into petty jealously, loneliness and despair.

This is a fantastic film for so many reasons. It feels personable, it feels relatable in a way that very few films are. Yes, the plot line of kids escaping from home, building their own sanctuary and then something coming between them is nothing new, but here it is done in such a way that it hits you emotionally and feels fresh.

Nick Offerman’s turn for the dramatic in this film as Joe’s (Nick Robinsons) father surprised me in the best way. I love Offerman’s comedy and his character in Parks and Rec, but this film proves he has serious chops as a dramatic actor as well, he really sells his character and has a number of captivating scenes.

I also think the younger cast give terrific performances as well. Robinson is proving himself to be quite the talented newcomer with the likes of this and Love Simon. Erin Moriarty is also terrific and does a lot with very little, her character could easily have been two dimensional, but thanks to the performance feels rounded.

Overall, this is a touching film that connected with me. I think all involved are giving it their a game and it shows. If you have not seen this film you should.





The emotional connection

The inter-character relationships




Reviewed by Luke

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