Becky: The Annabelle Spin-off We Needed

Becky is a horror thriller film directed by Johnathan Milott and Cary Murnion. The plot sees a young girl Becky (Lulu Wilson), forced to become a killer when a group of white supremacist break into her home and kill her father. They’re searching for a key and she is searching for vengeance.

I have seen a lot of these sort of films, home invasions that then become a fight for survival and for the most part the genre has become stale and played out, that said I thought this film was excellent.

To get the big question out of the way first, is this the film that establishes Kevin James as a horror player, in the same way Get Out did for Jordan Peele? No, no its not. James is good as for the most part manages to be convincing, but there are moments throughout when he slips and the more comedic side of him comes out; this is almost certainly unintentional, but it happens fairly regularly. He is only menacing about 60% of the time.

However, this film is made amazing by the performance of Lulu Wilson. I am convinced that is film will be Lulu Wilson’s big breakout hit. She sells the emotion really well, but she shines when she is playing animalistic rage slaughtering men twice her size. She plays a girl possessed really well. Her character is so good that I would gladly watch a sequel with her character, to see where she goes, but really just to watch her rip some more people apart.

Overall, this film does the impossible and proves that there is still some life left in the home invasion sub-genre. Lulu Wilson is incredible and if this film is any indication is on track for big things. It’s a shame James can’t maintain a serious performance for the entirety, but it is still a must watch.


Lulu Wilson.

The tension.

The kills.

The ending actually makes you want a sequel.


Kevin James can’t keep serious.


Reviewed by Luke    

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