Space Jam: Who Said Product Placement

Space Jam is a basketball themed live action CGI film directed by Joe Pytka. The plot sees acclaimed basketball player Michael Jordan be drafted into a match alongside characters from the Looney Tunes cartoons. Together they must defeat evil mutant aliens that have stolen the talent of some of the NBA’s best players.

I have not watched this film since I was a kid, watching it again now I have to say it is the embodiment of the hectic crazy 90’s spirit. None of it makes any sense and everything is either a mad dash for product placement or badly put together CGI. However, that is the charm.

The CGI is terrible, it is clear that Michael Jordan is not really there and a lot of the time there is a slight delay in between a Looney Tunes character saying something and Jordan’s reply, because he clearly isn’t in the same room as the voice actors and it has been badly put together. However, I won’t be too harsh on it because though it took me out of it, it was good for the time period.

I think in terms of Looney Tunes film I preferred Back In Action, as that had more of the manic energy of the cartoon and this seems to focus more on the basketball at the expense of said energy, other than a few moments that remind you these cartoon characters could be anyone.

Overall, this is a testament to the craziness of the early 90’s and its weirdness only adds to its charm, but as a Looney Tunes film it doesn’t live up to the cartoon.


It’s a great basketball film.

Bill Murray.

The craziness of it all.


It is not a good Looney Tunes film.

Most of the characters feel quite empty.


Reviewed by Luke

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