Sister Act 2: This Time Its Personal

Sister Act 2 is a musical comedy film directed by Bill Duke. The plot once again follows Deloris (Whoopie Goldberg), as she takes up the role of Sister Mary Clarence; this time to save an inner-city school from closure.

Was this follow up needed? That is the question every sequel has to answer. In this case I am afraid the answer is no. It is by no means a bad film, rather it is just more of the same, it doesn’t push the concept or try and do something new with it; it just feels like a watered-down rehash of the first film.

The kids this film introduce to try and create some new flavour don’t work out. The mentor mentee relationship they have with Goldberg’s character is fun, but it just can’t compare with the relationships between Deloris and her fellow nuns in the first film. The new characters are so paper thin that you can’t for the life of you remember who is who and why are they important.

The songs are still a lot of fun and have a quality to them that makes you want to get up and dance, but even in this regard I have to say the first was better.

Overall, this entire film fails incredibly to live up to the first. It proves that just because something is popular it doesn’t always need a sequel. It is the shame that this film misses the note almost entirely.


Its more of the same.

The songs are okay.


It is nothing new.

It doesn’t justify its own existence.

It ends the series on a bad note


Reviewed by Luke

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