The Vast Of Night: Visitation

The Vast Of Night drama science fiction film directed by Andrew Patterson. The plot sees two New Mexico kids become tangled up in strange goings on in the sky and a military conspiracy.

I won’t say too much about the plot here as I think you will be best served going into this blind. However, what I will say is that I for the most part loved this film. I went in with high expectations, because I had heard a lot of positive talk about this film beforehand, which the film itself more than lived up to.

This film has heavy Spielberg/ 80s vibes, its fees very much like ET or Close Encounters Of The Third Kind, a comparison could even be drawn to Spielberg’s copycat JJ Abrams’ Super 8. There is a wonder and a true sense of the unknow that I find very hard to be able to describe in words, but once you see the film you will know what I mean.

I must say I watch a lot of horror films, as a lot of you know, so I have become desensitised to scares for the most part, but this film creeped me out. Its not that it shows you anything creepy, but that the stories build an increasingly sinister mystery that unsettles you to think about. It nails the atmosphere better than any other film I have seen recently.

The ending is great, as is The Twilight Zone ascetic which adds a nice bit of flavour.

Overall this is a must see and shows great promise, with a slow first act being the only slight issue.


The atmosphere.

The chills.

The mystery.

The characters.


It is slow to begin with, too slow.


Reviewed by Luke

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