Pinocchio: I’m A Real Boy

Pinocchio is an animated family adventure film directed by multiple directors. The plot sees a wooden doll called Pinocchio (Dick Jones), become sentient and go on a journey of self-discovery with his friend and ethical guide Jiminy Cricket (Cliff Edwards). It is a tale as old as time, Pinocchio learns to be a good little boy, and all is well in the end.

I watched this recently and I have to say it is a lot darker are more messed up than I remember it being; maybe I just didn’t pick up on all the dark subject matter such as child abduction and forced slavery when I was a kid. Adding to this there are also a number of dark flourishes with the visuals and the drawing style that would make me question whether it was really child friendly.

That said this is a classic for a reason, it is an interesting odyssey to watch this little boy go on and the imagination and creativity is exceptional. I think like with many other Disney Animations this film is boosted by having a very likable and witty side character to make you laugh. This allows the main character to drive the plot forward and not also have to worry about being funny. I for one thought Jiminy was the best character.

Overall, this is a very whimsical adventure bursting with imagination, however, there are a number of things in it that make me question whether it is suitable for children, or at least younger kids maybe. But probably like me when I was their age, they won’t even notice.



The adventure.

Pinocchio himself.

The message.


The darker and more messed up parts.


Reviewed by Luke      

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