Personal Shopper: Texts From A Ghost?

Personal Shopper is a drama thriller film directed by Oliver Assayas. The plot sees personal shopper/ medium Maureen (Kristen Stewart), become stalked by an unseen mysterious presence after a ghostly run in. She hopes the otherworldly presences might be her recently dead brother, but it turns out to be far more malicious than that.

This film had me up until the last five minutes. The last five minutes put me off the film. Said minutes beg the question was this presence actually real at all or was it all in Maureen’s head. This to me is like saying it was all a dream and none of it matters because all of the drama all of the tension is taken out and rendered pointless.

I did enjoy the text conversations between Maureen, and I guess either her bosses’ killer boyfriend or this ‘ghost’, I liked how they built in tension over the course of the film, treading the line between menacing and friendly at times. It would have been nice if the film could have made clearer who was texting her, but I guess that is all part of the mystery the film ruins at the end.

I think Stewart is actually alright in this, she has moments of greatness where I buy her as a serious actor and think hey maybe she has something. However, she doesn’t seem to be able to maintain this throughout and it is definitely here and there rather than being consistent. I don’t think this will be enough to convince her detractors that she can act.

Overall, if we could ignore those last five to ten minutes, I would score this film highly, but because we can’t I have to give it a middling to positive score. I think this film does some really cool stuff and poses some interesting ideas, Stewart has her moments and there is some great tension to be enjoyed, it is just a real shame about that last scene.


The mystery.

The tension.

Stewart to a degree.


The mystery should be clearer.

The ending basically tell you that you have wasted your time.

Stewart is not consistent.


Reviewed by Luke

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