The Lodge: Effective Birth Control

The Lodge is a horror thriller film directed by the due behind Goodnight Mommy Severin Fiala and Veronika Franz. The plot follows a father (Richard Armitage), and his two children who go on a camping retreat with their father’s new girlfriend Grace (Riley Keough), after the death of their mother. Spooky stuff related to Grace’s past in a cult keeps happening which makes her question her sanity.

This film is unpleasant, I had to do something else while I was watching it to even finish it. I expect a lot of people will have a very strong reaction to this film either positively or negatively; it is very polarizing like that. Personally, I hated it. I will give the film one thing though, it shows the effects of gaslighting perfectly and I applaud them for taking that risk, simply it wasn’t for me.

The spooky things I mentioned earlier include the oldest boy hanging himself, or at least so we think. It turns out that the kids hate Grace so much, for no reason they hate her from the off, that they have faked everything including the hanging to get her to kill herself. This twist is what put me off the film because it unravels it in two ways.

Firstly, the idea that we are supposed to believe two kids concocted and executed this incredibly elaborate plan is beyond ridiculous. Then when you start to think about the implications this causes for the rest of the film it falls apart even more.

Secondly, after all this is revealed we are supposed to still care about the kids. Why? Why should we care about them after this. Frankly I don’t sympathise with them, they get what they deserve for trying to make a woman kill herself for no reason.

Overall, it was certainly trying to provoke a reason, sadly it wasn’t a good one it got out of me.


It has guts to pull that twist.


It makes no sense.

The kids are detestable.

It all feel pointless and done without reason.

It was off putting, but maybe that was the point.


Reviewed by Luke    

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