Tully: Help When Needed

Tully is a comedy drama film directed by Jason Reitman. It tells the story of a struggling mum of three Marlo (Charlize Theron), who forms a bond with her night nanny Tully (Mackenzie Davis). Tully seems to make everything in Marlo’s life better, while always remaining mysterious and wise beyond her years.

Let’s start off with the most important bit, the twist. In the final moments of the film it is revealed that Tully never existed and that everything that she has done was actually Marlo, having some sort of mental break.  The twist isn’t hugely surprising, as right from the beginning there is clearly something off about Tully, however due to the good writing it is never obvious quite what is going on and there are multiple red herrings throughout that throw you off what is actually going on.

This film I believe is classified under the wrong genre, rather than being a comedy film, or even a dark comedy, it is by all means a horror film. It shows motherhood and parenthood as hellish, a never-ending cycle of sleepless nights and screaming kids, this film is enough to put anyone off wanting to have kids.

Mark Duplass plays Marlo’s brother Craig and even though he is only onscreen a very little bit he is terrific every second he is on screen. The two share a scene together and it is electric, and they have a great on-screen connection together.

On top of this the relationship between Tully and Marlo is also fantastic, the two women have a great bond, that sometimes verges on the extreme; which is highlighted in one really uncomfortable scene. Mackenzie Davis is amazing as always; she has a great quirky energy to her that reminded me in a lot of ways of Ellen Page in Juno.

Overall, the performances in this film are terrific and its depiction of motherhood is grounded and realistic; which makes this film a horror in every sense of the word. This film is an acquired taste, but if you give it a go you will see that it has something powerful to say.


The performances.

The writing.

The realistic depiction of motherhood.


The twist.

Some of the scenes are quite uncomfortable to watch and they don’t add much.


Reviewed by Luke

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