Kidding: The Perils Of Kids TV

Kidding is a comedy drama series created by Dave Holstein. The series revolves around a kid’s TV presenter Jeff Pickles (Jim Carrey), who loses his son in a road traffic accident before the events of the series. He carries on working, but his mental health deteriorates, and we the audience watch his breakdown.

I love Jim Carrey, I think he is one of the best actors working today, over the years he has proven he can do both drama and comedy really well and this show is proof of that.  Carrey excels himself here, he is the perfect actor to play a Mr Rogers type gone bad. He plays the character with a degree of wholesomeness, but a wholesomeness that feels like it has been taught more than existing naturally. Furthermore, he also conveys the characters breakdown really well, becoming almost frightening at times, he manages to be both loveable and menacing; which is something only Jim Carrey could do.

Moreover, all of the characters on the show are imperfect, they have done bad things of varying degrees, but they are still loveable, and you still root for them to succeed. Later in the series we learn that Jeff’s pen pal is a death row inmate who has killed several people, however, when Jeff meets up with the man’s son and hears the story from his point of view it is shown to be far more nuanced. That is the perfect description for this show, nuanced.

Kidding isn’t always the easiest show to watch, as there are a lot of deeply uncomfortable moments scattered throughout, but despite this you can’t tear your eyes away and you want to watch it all at once. There are as many happy moments as there are sad ones and they balance each other out very nicely, making the show feel very well balanced.

Overall, this is a damn near perfect show, it is easily one of the best shows I have seen in recent years and proves that Jim Carrey is a fantastic actor. Season 2 comes out here in the UK next week and I can’t wait. If you haven’t seen it yet, you defiantly should make it your next binge!


Jim Carrey.

Maintaining the balance between happy and sad.

The songs and the imagination.

The emotional moments.

The ending, that I won’t ruin here.


Reviewed by Luke


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