Mile 22: Run As Far As You Can It Won’t Make A Difference

Mile 22 is a espionage action thriller directed by Peter Berg.  The plot follows a team of special operatives as they race around the clock to try and find the location of missing packages of caesium. It then turns out that one man Li Noor (Iko Uwais), has the locations on a storage drive that is slowly destroying itself, Li is prepared to trade the drive in order to escape the country, as he says it contains secrets that could bring down the government; what follows is the special forces team lead by James Silva (Mark Wahlberg), trying to get Li out of the country.

I had very low expectations of this going in, truth be told I put it on because I just wanted to watch a dumb action movie, I could turn my brain off to and enjoy regardless of its quality. Not only did Mile 22 live up to my expectation of dumb fun, but it was also much better than I thought it was going to be. Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t must see cinema, it is dumb and none of it really makes sense, but in terms of an action movie, this might be one of the best I have seen in a while.

The action choreography is great, but as soon as Iko Uwais name appeared in the credits I knew that was going to be true, Uwais is on top form as ever and did a great job of the fight sequences, Lauren Cohen who play’s Alice in the film also had a great fight scene towards the end of the film that I thought was particularly well done. The editing during fight sequences is jumping around all over the place, which can be off putting for some as you don’t really get a good look at anything, personally I didn’t mind the style of editing I thought it added to the overall kinetic feel of the action.

Finally, I want to talk about the twist. All the way through the film we see that the American coms have been tapped by the Russians and that they are listening in, but it is not revealed why until right at the end. Suffice it to say the twist at the end genuinely surprised me, I didn’t see it coming. It would be nice to get a follow-up to this film so we could see what happens next, but we will have to wait on that.

Overall, more than just dumb fun Mile 22 packs some great action scenes and a great twist ending that help to elevate it over standard genre fare.


The twist.

The fight scenes.

Iko Uwais.


None of it makes sense.

The editing may be jarring for some people.


Reviewed by Luke

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