Let It Snow: This Film Belongs on the Naughty List

Let It Snow is a Christmas themed romantic comedy, focusing on the trials and tribulations of a group of teens in Illinois. If you’re looking for a feel-good, switch your brain off Christmas film then you will like Let It Snow.

However, if you’re looking for a good film, then this is the furthest you could get. I thought there was something almost offensively bad about this film, with its depiction of teenagers/ teenage life and love.

For a start, the characters feel with everything they say and do, like they have been written been adults, who have never met a teenager in their whole life and can’t seem to remember their own experience. By this I mean the characters are a collection of stereotypes and cliches of Gen Z people. What makes this even worse is that other than Kiernan Shipka’s The Duke, yes that is the character name, all of the other characters are intensely unlikeable. They’re a collection of the most self-indulgent, self-obsessed, narcissistic characters ever put to film. They whine and have fits of anger randomly, just seemingly to add some drama to the plot.

Whatsmore the love stories feel like a collection of reused plots from other more successful Rom Coms, with everything feeling more than a little derivative. However, all of these classic plots have been given a current 2019 coat of paint, so social media and the internet have to be included to the point of it becoming tedious.

The acting is understandably bad, and I mean bottom of the barrel Blumhouse bad; Lucy Hale bad. Netflix has seemingly gathered together as many teenage actors as they could get, regardless of talent, and stuffed them into this film; in a futile attempt to seem current. Also, something I was thinking of watching this is that it seems as though anyone who has ever been in a Netlfix series appears here, The Santa Clarita Diet check, The Good Place check, The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina check, the list goes on. It almost feels like this film was made to promote those other shows in away.

The only likeable performance is Kiernan Shipka as The Duke, she is charming throughout and the only thing the film has going for it, however, the bar for a performance in this film to appear as good by comparison is incredibly low.

Ultimately Let It Snow feels like a cynical, teenage crash grab. The heavy pandering to a teenage audience means a lot of other people will find it hard to enjoy, I am genuinely surprised that an actor from Riverdale didn’t show up at some point, this is why people say Netlfix will greenlight anything.


Reviewed by Luke

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