My Top 5 Halloween Film Recommendations

Halloween is fast approaching as a self- proclaimed Horror enthusiast, I thought I would write today and give you five recommendations of films to watch on October 31st. I am going to try and keep away from films I have previously talked about, and also films that are considered classics of the genre, my hope today is to introduce you to some features you might not have heard of.

You’re Next

Adam Wingard’s seminal home invasion film follows Erin, (Sharni Vinson), as she accompanies her boyfriend back to his family home for a party. What then follows is a group of men in animals masks try to break in and kill everyone inside. What makes this film so good is the originality it brings to the subgenre, the story never goes where you expect it to and, the heavily defined character traits that most films of this ilk follow, don’t apply here. The gory bloodbath that follows is delightfully devilish, with many memorable kills on display. 


This French body horror film revolves around Justine, (Garance Marillier), a young vegetarian who is forced to eat meat during a freshers event in her first week at University. Justine then develops a taste for meat, a specific type of meat, that grows in heinousness throughout the film. There is also a reasonable degree of social commentary and coming of age themes that stop this from becoming too black. Very much unique and memorable and a film that has stayed with me long after I watched it, all those years ago.


The rape-revenge subgenre has never been one that has been handled tastefully, but Revenge very much changes that. The plot is that Jen, (Matilda Lutz), flies off to a remote location with her married neighbour Richard, (Kevin Janssens), and his friends; once there things turn nasty, and Jen ends up dead. She then hunts each man down and takes her revenge, just like the title, in various satisfying ways. The ability to build tension in this film is incredible as there are hunter hunted sequences that feel so tense you can’t possibly look away. Also for all those of you who like gore, this film won’t let you down.

The Green Inferno

This Eli Roth film takes inspiration from classic Italian Cannibal films, namely Cannibal Holocaust. The plot of the film follows Justine, (Lorenza Izzo), a student who goes to the Amazon to try and stop or at least draw attention to, deforestation. However, it all goes wrong as Justine, and her friends find themselves being held captive by a tribe deep in the Amazon, who have a taste for human flesh. There are some profoundly uncomfortable scenes. Still, it has such an identity that it needs to be seen, a lot of horror films focus on things that couldn’t happen, or at least not often, meaning the supernatural; what The Green Inferno does so well is that the terror is all too real world. 

The Woman In Black

Finally, we have The Woman in Black a classic English ghost story, with Harry Potter himself as the lead. This film terrified me for years as a child; there is something about it, the impending doom the unavoidable terror that just chills me. The plot centres on Arthur Kipps, (Daniel Radcliff), a young laywer, who goes to a remote village to settle a woman’s affairs after she dies. He soon realises things are not what they seem and children are going missing in droves, the deeper he digs, the more the fear builds. 

The simplicity of this film is what makes it so terrifyingly effective. 

Also, Ghost Stories and Clown, are both fantastic underrated gems you should watch.

Enjoy the creepiest day of the year!


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