Christopher Robin

Christopher Robin is a film that answers the question of what happened after the 100 Acre Wood, what happened when Christopher Robin became too old to play with Winnie the Pooh. The reality of that being that Robin has lost his ability to have fun, his work consumes him and, he is neglectful of his family. Of course, the re-emergence of Pooh in his life changes all that.

Though the plot may sound formulaic, it is surprisingly deep. If you can read past the simple premise, this film has a lot to say about growing up- about life. However, it is not a deep meditative affair, merely, a children’s comedy film with surprising insight. Furthermore, there are plenty of warm moments that remind you why you feel in love with the 100 Acre Wood gang in the first place, as well as many laughs to be had.

The CGI on Pooh and his compatriots is all done to the calibre you would expect from Disney-truly outstanding. Pooh himself has all the best lines, many of which you will remember long after you leave the cinema. What’s more the performances from Ewan McGregor, (Christopher Robin), and Hayley Atwell, (Evelyn Robin), are both fantastic; with both bringing emotional weight and a sense of whimsey to their respective roles.        

The only minor issue with the film is that Evelyn, along with some of the members of the 100 Acre Wood gang, were not developed as much as they could have been. The reason for this is because the relationship between Pooh and Christopher takes centre stage, as it rightfully should, so I can’t be too angry about the underdeveloped side characters. The dynamic between a grown-up Christopher Robin and Pooh is superb, to sum it up acutely it is the relationship between an adult and a child, which is both fascinating and also able to work on many levels; given the context of the narrative.

Overall, this film greatly surprised me, vastly exceeding my expectations. With it being both feel-good family fun and, also having an ability to make you think and even reflect.


Reviewed by Luke        

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