Hotel Artemis

Hotel Artemis focuses on the exploits and clientele of an exclusive criminal hospital. The story centres around one night at the hotel, focusing on multiple characters such as bank robber Sherman, (Sterling K Brown), assassin Nice, (Sofia Boutella), as well as the Nurse, (Jodie Foster); all set to the backdrop of a dystopian riot. The script written by Drew Pearce, (who also directs), is fantastic giving each character enough screen-time to make you care about them, without becoming too focused on any one character. All these beautifully interwoven subplots work to great effect helping to flesh out the world of the film, as well as the characters within it. An example of this is the Nurse subplot, which could have been a needless diversion, but instead becomes the context by which the rest of the film is derived. Furthermore, the performances here are also superb, especially Charlie Day, who upon first hearing of his casting I thought, (incorrectly,) was just going to be the comic relief. The action sequences are all exquisite, with the final hallway fight choreography being especially noteworthy; being helped greatly by the tremendous physicality that Boutella brings to the role. My only complaint is that Jeff Goldblum, (The Wolf King), is used very sparingly, in many ways he is used as little more than a plot device. However, this complaint is lessened by the fact he gives a phenomenal performance, having some of the best lines and the right amount of menace. This film could have just been little more than an expanded version of the Continental from John Wick. However, it is instead a strong and very original action film, with just the right amount of humour and heart. I would highly recommend Hotel Artemis and I hope to hear more from it in the future.
Reviewed by Luke

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