Sicario 2 Soldado

Sicario 2 Soldado, follows the efforts of Matt Graver, (Josh Brolin) and Alejandro, (Benicio del Toro) in their war with the Mexican Cartels. The plot focuses on Washington’s renewed effort to wipe out the Cartels, as such, they bring in Graver and Alejandro. What follows is 122 minutes of pure adrenaline and suspense, which never relents, it starts off with 2 suicide bombings and it carries on from there. As such the tone of the film is jet black, with all the characters being wrapped in shades of grey. For anyone worried that the acting wouldn’t be as strong because Emily Blunt didn’t return, fear not! Brolin’s Graves is menacing and chews up every piece of scenery he gets. Furthermore, del Toro’s Alejandro is fantastic, with him being paired with a cartel bosses daughter for most of the film. Said Cartel boss’s daughter is played to perfection by Isabela Moner, as we see her go on an emotional journey after her kidnapping. The surrogate parent angle, that del Toro’s character is given is oddly enthralling throughout. However, the acting is let down by Elijah Rodriguez’s character of Miguel. Said character is terrible as he only manages to have one facial expression for the entire film, which when compared him to Moner, the other child actor of the film; you see how flawed his performance is. Sicario 2 wastes minutes by cutting away from the main plot to focus on Miguel’s side story, which is boring. Overall the film feels very timely, with current events being what they are, and I truly believe that this adds an extra dimension to the film. Moreover, this film carries on the impressive action sequences of the first film, with each sequence being captured with ruthless efficiency, showing all the horrid splendour. On that note, this film’s gore is used to show how gritty the cartel world is and how in it youth and innocence are lost. Finally, the score for the film is also incredibly well used, being memorable and really wrenching up the suspense. Overall this is an amazing action thriller, and it is one anyone can enjoy. To conclude this may be one of the best sequels of 2018.


Reviewed by Luke

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