Breaking In

Breaking In focuses on Shaun, (Gabrielle Union) and her kids as they are preyed upon by a group of burglars. Breaking In is as generic as action thrillers go with its premise, cast and overall direction being very forgettable. Each character is two dimensional and has no complexity to speak off. There character’s backstories are eluded to, but these are just throwaway references. Eddie, (Billy Burke) is the only memorable character, being the main antagonist and, masterfully portrayed by Burke with a cold calculating demeanour. The rest of the cast is very by the numbers, with Gabrielle Union in particular not being very convincing. The major flaw of the film is the pacing issues; which are extremely prevalent in both the 1st and 3rd act. The whole of the first act could have been cut out in its entirety as it is simply very average. The pacing issues are shown again as the film long overstays it’s welcome, with you thinking multiple times that: “surely this must be the end”. The crux of the issue is that this film doesn’t feel like a tense thrilling time, it just feels like a slog. Whatsmore, there are also scripting issues, such as a lack of any kind of character motivations beyond the generic “we want the money” and, plot holes galore. This is best shown by the fact, that Shaun seems to have all these survival skills yet it is never explained how she got them. Also, the writing for the kids Jasmine and Glover, (Ajiona Alexus and Seth Carr), makes them come across as annoying, with them also saying things that just feel unnatural to the situation. This is shown when Glover says, “Whatever freak”, as his sister is about to go and risk her life. To conclude, this film is the most generic, boring, badly paced film out now that you can go and see. Really the only highlight is a menacing performance by Billy Burke.
Reviewed by Luke.

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