Truth or Dare

Spoilers ahead!

This film follows a group of friends who are forced to play a game of truth or dare that is possessed by a demon; with this concept being quite reminiscent of the Ouija films. The greatest criticism I can level against this film is that no one asked for it. This film fails at being scary at every turn deciding instead to use incredibly obvious jump scares. The film itself ranges from dull to instantly forgettable. Lucy Hale doesn’t bring anything to the film outside of being whiny and annoying. However, the rest of the cast is worst comprising of a whole host of teenage stereotypes and all the worst ones at that. You never care about a single character even finding it hard to remember their names whilst you watch it. The script is utterly terrible being a mess of horror movie cliches with dialogue that is laughably bad. The overall shocks and scares of this movie mainly rely on facial distortion; with the end result being more funny than scary. Furthermore, there is needless subplot after needless subplots, such as a love triangle that sticks around far past its welcome. Ultimately this film is just a waste of your time, with the ending being the most sequel baiting thing I have ever seen. Don’t go and see this, you will be left sorely disappointed. Truth or Dare is without a doubt Blumhouse’s weakest film, with it’s the biggest crime being how lazy, unscary and boring it is
Reviewed by Luke

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