Spoilers ahead!
The plot of Rampage focuses on Davis Okoye, (Dwayne Johnson) as he searches for answers after a gorilla, that he has a strong bond, with is struck with a pathogen turning it into a monster. This film is loosely based on a series of video games, in which, you play as various monsters whose goal it is to cause the most destruction. In that respect, this is quite a good adaption: with the simplicity translating well to the big screen, however, only the creature names carrying over from the games. The plot is ridiculous and nonsensical from the start, but the film seems to be aware of that; and revels in the fact that it’s just a dumb B movie. The bond between Davis and George, (the gorilla) is done very well and is surprisingly endearing. However, the relationship also has a lot of cheap and needless moments. Such as a scene in which George is tranquillized and falls to the floor; done in slow motion. This scene carries no emotional weight, being incredibly overdramatic, with the slow motion only adding to the needless nature of the scene. Furthermore, the humour between Davis and George didn’t work, with the middle finger bit seeming quite repetitive by the end, and the sex joke at the end is incredibly out of place and dated. In contrast, the humour outside of that dynamic works very well with Harvey Russel, (Jeffery Dean Morgan) having some especially funny lines. All of the actors in this film, (but especially Jeffery Dean Morgan) seem to be having the time of their lives; with that being apparent in their performances. The Villian of the piece Claire Wyden, (Malin Akerman), is just what you would want from a B movie villain; being menacing but also being amusing at the same time. Wyden is just a sub-villain to the film’s mutated monsters, Ralph, (The Wolf) and Lizzie, (The Crocodile) and to an extent George. The CGI on the film’s creatures is all very convincing and brings you out of the experience. My main issue with the film is the character of Kate Caldwell, (Naomie Harris). First, let me preface this complaint by saying this isn’t the sort of film that has flushed out characters. Kate is particularly bad in this regard, as the whole point of her character is to spout exposition. She also furthers the needless plotline about getting Davis to trust humans again, which takes away from the overall fun of the film; in general everything about the relationship between the two seems forced. Overall this film would be right at home in the 90’s, whether that is a good or bad thing is for you to decide. If you are looking for the sort of film where Wyden’s plan for the monsters is called, “Operation Ramage”, being essentially just dumb fun, then look no further.
Reviewed By Luke

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