A Quiet Place

Spoilers ahead!

The Quiet Place is a horror film that follows a family as they try and survive; in a world overrun by sound hunting creatures. John Krasinski stars as the father of the family Lee, perfectly capturing the fear of a father who lives in a world where his kids might not grow up. Early plot developments show why this fear is justified and earned, the scene in which his youngest son dies is both heartbreaking and incredibly tense. Said scene is very indicative of what the film is, in essence, an hour an a half of pure tension using jump scares and atmosphere to a masterful degree. Right from the start, The Quiet Place builds tension, layering it, only to release it when you least suspect. The Quiet place is an excellent horror film: for the simple fact that the suspense and atmosphere it creates is, in my opinion, unrivalled by any other horror films of recent memory. Evelyn, (Emily Blunt), Regan, (Millicent Simmonds) and Marcus, (Noah Jupe) all help to sell the tension, as you can see through their performances the toll living in such a world has brought upon them. The shocking death scene, that I have already mentioned, is incredibly well done because it creates a real sense of mortality: emphasising the fear and peril the family go through eliciting a genuine emotional response from you. The screenplay is incredibly tight with each scene in the film feeling needed. However, the plot line of Regan blaming herself for her younger brother’s death is too drawn out. The use of sign language and the sound design is fantastically innovative, really helping to set this apart from other horror films. This is one of the most interesting films I’ve seen in a while, with the mythology and the background behind the events being left up to the audience’s imagination; with only a few tantalising hints being given. The creature design is fantastic, being both unique and terrifying. The focus on ears and sound in this film is very unique, and the fact that the creature design encompasses this theme only heightens it. Finally, the ending is a welcome contrast to the rest of the film, as it offers some hope that the creatures might be able to be defeated; this contrasts nicely with the fairly grim tone of the rest of the film.
A very tense and unique ride.
Reviewed by Luke

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