Insidious: The Last Key

This supernatural horror film is the sequel to Insidious 3, and a prequel to Insidious 1 and 2. This instalment works as somewhat of a close loop for the series, bringing  everything together.  The Last Key, serves to add context to the childhood of  series regular Elise, (played by Lin Shaye in the only truly well acted performance in the whole film), and it is in this backstory that the film shines. Without giving too much away these flashbacks serve to highlight Elise’s gifts, as well as her past history with the Further and demons. The new entity for this instalment is Key Face, who is  quite an interestingly designed creature, a far cry from the woeful, Man who can’t breath, in part 3 who wasn’t scary in any way. Furthermore, during scenes involving Key Face something quite interesting is done with the films sound design, as the victims are screaming Key Face will insert one of his key shaped fingers into their throat, immediately making their screams silent no matter how long they carry on for. Sadly that’s where the positives end for this film, and it is with a heavy heart I write this, because I really liked and enjoyed the first two Insidious Movies, but I feel like each entry since then has got worse and worse; with this entry being the testament to that decline. First off other than Elise and I guess her father ,(played by Josh Stewart), no one is really given any development, or a noticeable arc. Tucker and Spec’s ,(Angus Sampson and Leigh Whannell), are used wholly for comic relief, and its the humour in this film that is it’s greatest detriment. The humour never and I mean not once lands, the humour ranges from cringe bad to straight up unfunny. The only time people in my screening were laughing was during the jump scares and moments that were suppose to be scary. That’s another failing of this instalment, there just aren’t that many jump scares, which isn’t always a bad thing in terms of horror as tension and atmosphere are just as important, but overall this film isn’t scary in anyway. The only true scares come from the domestic violence in much the same way as Sinister 2, rather than the supernatural threat. Insidious The Last Key, is the truest definition of the bad movies that plague January, with its whole existence feeling like just a way to extend the franchise. What’s more is the introduction of Elise niece,(played by Caitlin Gerard), who has the same gift as her, also she  doesn’t have a huge role except being Spec’s love interested, but to make matters worse here introduction is a clear way for them to make Insidious 5 now that Elise’s story has run it’s course.  In many ways this film was a waste of resources and peoples time, providing at best one good performance, some interesting design choices and perhaps one solitary jump scare; that actually works. To sum up whilst it isn’t terrible it’s a clear example of a franchise that needs to end.


Reviewed by Luke

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